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Tatiana Darnell

Space Lab Design Services was formed in early 2015, out of my passion for residential architecture that provides unique opportunity for intimate execution of design, from conception to the finest details.

I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia prior to my family’s immigration to the Seattle area in 1996.  Since early high school I was determined to become an Architect, convinced that my uniquely paired strengths in creativity and pragmatism would make me great at the profession I was so passionate about.


I worked at an architectural multidisciplinary firm all through college and graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor and Master of Architecture degrees with a thesis focus on alternative housing solutions. I learned design and management of custom residential projects while working for a prominent high-end residential firm in Bellevue for 10 years, prior to establishing my own residential design firm.


Off the clock I enjoy creating memories with my family and friends; travel; exploring the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest; and nibbling on various subjects that interest me.

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