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Working with Tatiana Darnell is an incredible pleasure, and an honor. She exemplifies all of the professional and personal qualities customers should look for when they are choosing

an Architect for their project. 

Tatiana has a vision of space, great sense of style and

proportions, imagination, experience, respect for the client’s budget and time, great communication skills, patience, and honesty.  

Tatiana listens to and understands the client’s personal taste and their requirements. She is always able to fuse them with

the surrounding landscape and the technical constrictions of the project. She has the ability to utilize these constrains, and to turn them into opportunities for an out of the box solutions.  She is a fast yet thorough decision maker, who sees the big picture,

without losing track of minute details.

All of these qualities are what make Tatiana an outstanding Architect who takes great pride in her work.

Inna Garkavi - colleague,

Interior Designer

I have been working with Tatiana for nearly a decade

on various beautiful residential projects and it has been an absolute pleasure in every aspect.  In our professional relationship I have not only enjoyed her wonderful nature and demeanor with other colleagues and clients,

but her exquisite attention to detail.

Tatiana possess a great talent for communicating with clients, distilling their vision and helping them to navigate their way through the often challenging and complicated process of designing and implementing their dreams.  I greatly admire how she does this with such a calm style graceful manor. 

Her dedication to her craft and the required process more than qualifies her for any project she chooses to pursue.

I highly recommend Tatiana to lead or be a part of any team and project.  She is one of the best Residential Designers I have worked with and has made every project I’ve been involved with any enjoyable one.  In addition to being extremely talented Tatiana is simply a pleasant and remarkable person. I am certain that everyone who is lucky enough to work with her throughout her career will observe the same superb qualities in

Tatiana that I have, and consider her an asset to their project.

Scott Holsapple - colleague,

Landscape Architect

Tatiana managed our project through design development

and architectural review. During the course of five months we worked with her, I’ve been impressed with her depth of knowledge, out-of-the-box thinking, and the professionalism with which she handled every situation. Tatiana earned our trust early on and made sure nothing slipped through the cracks, whether it is making sure our preferences are accounted for or the architectural review comments are addressed appropriately.

V.R. - client

Working with Tatiana was an absolute joy. When dealing with indecisive owners, she was patient and positive.

When setting contractors straight who wanted to take shortcuts on the build, she was firm but only as confrontational as appropriate in order to get the house built quickly and correctly. I was consistently impressed with Tatiana’s ability to cultivate an environment of positivity and excitement for

the great house that we were building.

Z.R. - client

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