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Juanita Remodel

The heart of the renovation of this home was aligning its character with the owners’ preference for clean modern lines, openness and light.

This split-level home, built by the original owner in the 80’ did not age well, but offered spectacular views of Lake Washington and great location, perched up just west of Juanita Park. The key goals included opening up front facades to the view and reconfiguring the main floor plan.  The owners wanted more ceiling height, more functional Kitchen open to the Living Room and Dining, better layout of the Master Suite, additional Bedroom on main level with ensuite Bath, as well as finding space for new Office with the views of the lake.

As a result, the existing hip roof is replaced with a 2:12 pitch shed roof, sloping up toward the view.  The main floor is divided by two main circulation axis.  Existing Entry is expanded as a more prominent element and to provide more generous space at the front door. The Office is added over the new Entry landing, perched up with large windows facing the Lake.

Kitchen, Dining and Living room flow in a coherent open space with Kitchen tucked at the low end of the shed, and Dining and Living room open to view with new large windows and sliding doors. New linear gas fireplace is the anchor that separates Entry and Stair from the Living Room.

The exterior is simple two-color Hardy Panel Scheme, with Wood accents at entry and garage doors. Dark bronze window, matching fascias and deck elements provide contrast and accentuate new modern lines of this remodel.


Existing House including garage                3,670sf

Addition                                                         344 sf

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