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Space Lab is a full service firm that provides professional expertise to every project. We manage the project to smoothly deliver design documents, building permit, and to oversee construction pricing and construction itself.

The potential phases of any new residence or remodel include:

+ Feasibility Study - a thorough analysis of the site, including review of applicable building and zoning codes, the identification of environmental factors, design guidelines, and restrictions.

+ Schematic Design - initial identification of scope and size of the project, as well as evaluation of the needs and expectations of our Client for quality of spaces and spatial relationships. This phase includes preliminary design of the residence, site planning, and general identification of materials and building systems.  When a scheme is chosen, it will be refined into scaled floor plans, elevations and sections.
+ Design Development - the refinement of the schematic design.  This phase also includes the establishment of materials and finishes and development of key interior and exterior details. Simultaneously, during design development, the collaboration with key consultants, such as the landscape architect, structural engineer and interior designer is initiated.
3D Visualizations - generate detailed exterior and interior renderings to enhance client’s understanding of the proposed design.
+ Construction Documents - production of the drawings that communicate design decisions to the Jurisdiction - to meet all permit and code requirements; and to the Contractor - to provide detail and direction to confidently execute design intent in the field.
+ Bidding Negotiations - Client assistance in selection of the Contractor that is the best fit for the project. This phase includes identifying and interviewing qualified builders, examining their contracts and expectations, and reviewing proposals and cost estimates they submit for accuracy and completeness, allowing comparison of the candidates on an equal basis.
+ Construction Administrationobservation of the construction progress, and Contractor assistance to insure the integrity of the design. This phase includes weekly meetings with the Client and General Contractor to discuss the progress of the house, as well as finalize decisions on finishes and details.
++ Interior Design - design services beyond architectural design. Delopment of interior elements from fireplaces to staircases, from kitchen layouts to intricate cabinetry details. Material Specifications include selection of interior finishes, cabinetry, lighting fixtures, plumbing, and hardware. 

Home Owners may also engage Space Lab as an Owner's Representative during residential Design and Construction Phases to advocate Owner’s interests, manage the Project Team and oversee the design and construction process of local and remote projects.


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