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Lake Sammamish Residence

Lake Sammamish Rendering.jpg


This contemporary residence was designed to replace 1955 family home near Lake Sammamish.

While the existing house offered great amenities like location, shared waterfront access and lake views, it did not take full advantage of the site and modern features like functional garage and access elevator, as well as designated Dining area and full Master Suite.

The new home’s Main Floor is raised 4’ and the footprint is pushed South to provide access to a two-car garage on Lower Floor, and to open up the house to lake views.  New siting and floor elevation take advantage of the best view angle from the Living Room and Master Bedroom. Both spaces project toward the lake with cantilevered decks.

The Main Floor is divided into utility and living spaces along hallway axis, with Living Room, Kitchen and Dining facing the views and extending toward outdoor spaces. Master Suite, Second Bedroom, and Office/Guest Suite are located on Upper Floor. The exterior is simple rectilinear massing, with gently sloping shed roof, and covered entry, anchored by a stone element.

Project size:       2,840 sf Conditioned Space

                             685 sf   Decks and Porch

                             830 sf   Garage

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